Orange man

Yama aka "Orange Man", is one of the most recognizable snowboarders around the globe. His smooth style and infectious smile is one that can't be replicated and shares that stoke with everyone he encounters. He has been featured in numerous video parts, sharing his knowledge of Hokkaido's untouched powder with some of the world's best snowboarders. 


Shark boy

"Sharkboy" as he's referred to is another guide who exemplifies what riding Hokkaido is all about. Sharkboy lives for deep powder, chill vibes, and a constant pursuit searching new lines throughout Hokkaido. We are honored to have Sharkboy a part of the team and know that his zen like approach to snowboarding and life will rub off on you as well. 



We first met "Pepe" while at the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge this past spring. Having never been to the U.S., Pepe rented a car and proceeded to hit up as many ski resorts and national parks as he could fit in. To say Pepe charges at snowboarding and life is an understatement . A former occupational therapist prior to his 3 month journey to the U.S., Pepe has committed this winter to riding more powder and living the "chill life" as he likes to say. He lives in Asahikawa a short drive to his home mountain Asahidake. 



Chandler aka "Japandler" as his friends have nicknamed, has been providing private tours to Hokkaido for the last 5 years. He has formerly chased snow throughout British Colombia providing his sales and marketing skills to numerous Heli Operations, that is until he rode Japan. "Hokkaido has by far the most consistent, lightest, deepest, stable snowpack I've experienced in my life, couple that with the sincerity of the Japanese culture, amazing food, and zero lift lines, is what brings me back year after year". When he's not in Japan, Chandler resides in Encinitas, CA and more often than not he can be found riding Mammoth if its dumping.